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Mask Care Instructions



Put the mask over your face, and pull the bead on the ear straps to adjust the fit. You can pull each strap individually. We find that the mask fits the best when the top strap is slightly looser than the bottom strap. Press the nose band against your nose to fit the mask to your face.



1.     Pull the beads to the end of the mask strap
2.     Put the small loop created over one side of the black strip.
3.     Put your mask on then pull the other strap over the other side of the strip.
4.     If the fit needs to be tighter, move pull the straps towards the inside of the strip



It’s important to buy the PM 2.5 filters that are slightly rounded at the top/bottom. Those will fit easily into the mask. The rectangle filters can be used but will have to be cut at the corners to easily fit into the standard size masks.
For a month’s worth of filters, we recommend this 30 pack of filters for less than $11


To clean your mask, remove the filter, then hand-wash in a small bowl of warm water with natural soap and/or essential oils to keep it smelling fresh. Gently press the mask to expel water than let it air dry in sunlight. Make sure that it is in a light airy place where it can dry quickly.
In between washes you can wipe down the exterior with a wet cloth and spray the inside with anti-bacterial spray, then let air dry.
Machine washing for all mask styles except the beige sacred geometry masks is possible. However since we haven’t done enough testing to see whether the masks hold up well after weeks of machine washing, we can’t guarantee that they won’t eventually get damaged. If you choose to machine wash, place the mask in a garment bag before washing. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Never wash in hot water.


Spray your mask with an essential oil aromatherapy blend or place fresh herbs in the filter pocket for a refreshing scent throughout the day.