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    Intergalactic Burning Man Wedding

    Weddings are notorious for being one of the most stressful times for the bride and groom, involving lots of planning and expenses as couples work hard to create the perfect day to celebrate their union. Because of the amount of stress involved with traditional wedding planning, Gilles and I chose to have our special day at Burning Man which had been an instrumental presence in our relationship.

    Gilles and I first met at an I FEEL party in 2015- a monthly themed costume party series intended to keep to keep the Burning Man spirit of revelry, community, and costuming alive year round. He first saw me through his camera lens as he took a photo of my Cleopatra costume. Later on, we connected online and he sent me a link to his Burning Man photography which blew my mind. Burning Man is so beautiful in person that it’s difficult to accurately represent through imagery. Gilles was one of the only photographers who captured the immense beauty of playa, and made me feel the same profound sense of wonder that arose when I witnessed magical moments at Burning Man.

    At the time I was just starting my clothing line, and in typical Burning Man spirit, we decided to trade services: I would design Gilles’ Burning Man wardrobe and he would do a photo shoot for my website. That was the beginning of our creative union, and since then we’ve collaborated on countless artistic projects. Gilles was the most passionate person I had ever met, and his dedication to his art inspired me to forgo a traditional office job and design full-time.   As a photographer/designer duo, we have the opportunity to mix epic photography with beautiful fashion. Together we came up with the brand motto, “Make Your Life An Art Piece” hoping to encourage others to add beauty to the world through their art.

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